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Are you paying 20% referral fees?

Let show you how you can pay less than 1%. was launched late in 2003 after many months of design and testing

Primarily intended for promotion in one area only for one agent only, it quickly grew to a point where the creators are currently receiving market appraisal requests from people from all over australia was built on the premise that there are primarily two effective marketing techniques, passive and active

Active marketing, while obvious to the end user, has proven to yield lower results, for example direct mail and other forms of letterbox drop flyers. Passive marketing on the other hand, while not as obvious to the end user, yields a greater success rate or return on investment.

The philosophy behind is that consumers or home sellers are sometimes reluctant or hesitant to contact an agent. Unfortunately as a group agents are often presumed guilty until proven innocent. acts as a conduit bridging the gap between a cautious home seller and agent operates on a subscription basis, granting exclusive use rights to one agent only per postcode

Due to the overwhelming success of the site we are currently sourcing the agents from around the country to register as preferred agents

Instead of paying 20% to another agent for a referral, why not pay less than 1% and secure exclusive rights to this innovative marketing system a lead generation system that works while you don't